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Theatre In Education Training Started In Nepal by Bisharad Basnet

"Theatre in Education" is a process that uses interactive theatre/drama practices to help aid the educational process " now that process is started by Bisharad Basnet in Nepal and he has started training Students and Teachers in Different part of country.

Bisharad says theatre can bring many changes in students life and in teachers life. It can help students to grown their brain creatively, it help to grow their body language it help them to grow their self confidence. 

Now, Bisharad Basnet is taking Theatre In Education in different part of the countries in Private schools. Soon he and his team will start teaching TIE in government school also.

Bisharad say we need to modify our education system. We need to think 20yrs from now and train our students for Global market. Life will be more tough for people after 20 yrs. So if we don't train them from now they will never be able be sustain in GLOBAL MARKET.

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