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Holashtak 2021 ( होलाष्टक ) learn from mythology why this time is considered ominous

The eight days before Holi are called Holashtak and the advance notice of Holi is received from Holashtak itself. Preparations for Holi as well as Holika Dahan start from this day. The period from Ashtami of Shukla Paksha of Falgun Mass to Holika Dahan is called Holashtak in the scriptures. 

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Holi and Ashtak i.e. festival of 8 days consisting of Holashtak 2 words This year Holashtak will be from March 22 to March 28 i.e. the day of Holika Dahan. These 8 days of Holashtak are considered ominous times, so no good deeds are done during this time. There are astrological reasons behind doing this and also the reasons associated with mythology. 

During these 8 days of Holashtak, marriage, engagement, marriage related matters, house entry, shaving rites, purchase of new house, purchase of vehicle, purchase of land, land worship, laying the foundation of new house, starting a new business or business Like no auspicious work is done. Also, the 16 rites prescribed in Hinduism are not performed during Holashtak.

Just as auspicious deeds are not performed during Kharmas but this time is considered to be very good for pooja recitation and spirituality, in the same way during pomegranate recitation and bhajan of God, auspicious fruits are obtained. Worship of Lord Hanuman during these 8 days of Holashtak is considered to be of special importance.

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