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Turkey: Muslim religious leader sentenced to 1075 years

 Turkey: Muslim religious leader sentenced to 1075 years for having 1000 girlfriends.

A Muslim religious teacher in Turkey has been sentenced to 1,075 years in prison for sexual offenses. 

The name of this religious leader is Adnan Oktar and he has been a very famous religious guru. Adnan was arrested in the year 2018 and now there is no hope of his release.

Adnan has been sentenced by an Istanbul court for 10 different crimes. According to the information, more than 45 women and minors from more than 6 countries had accused him of sexual abuse. Adnan preached to the people of Turkey about radical things. At one time he was considered one of the top 50 Muslim personalities in the world and many of his religious books have been best sellers.

Adnan Oktar had told the judge during the hearing in December last year that he has about 1000 girlfriends. 

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