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Kapil Bhargava motivational trainer share his experience on power of Lotus Sutra and Nicherin Buddhism

The future exists right now. How we act and live this moment and each passing day determines the future. A sutra says: If you want to understand what results will be manifested in the future, look at the causes that exists in the present (The opening of the eyes(II),wnd-1,279) It is now or never ! Dont let this precious moment slip by (Great Mountain-NHR 30,PG 4


 I am Kapil Bhargava ( MD ) at the chapter joined this philosophy almost 11years back, being introduced by my wife. I was deeply inspired by Sensei’s guidance sharing in my first discussion meeting, The moment we resolve ‘ I will become healthy ! I will become strong will work cheerfully for kosen rufu!, our lives begin to move in that direction. Deeply motivated by the large gathering, particularly the sharing of the powerful inspiring experiences, I that time pledged to foster the youths, cherish the women and respect the elders. To attend gakkai meetings and develop the courage to introduce people to Buddhism whomsoever comes in my environment. A person of arrogance turned to be a man of compassion.

 Our lives blossom when we introduce others to this practice. Shakubuku is easy but not tough. There are so many people who are seeking the solutions to their problems. There are so many who are suffering with no solution, but look at us.We know we can transform any poison into medicine. We are changing our karma right here right now. I kept finding practices that said my desires wee the cause of my suffering and that I somehow had to stop desire in my life and I keep looking. Somehow I knew that my desires weren’t bad, that they were a part of me, a lovely beautiful part of me. And I have been so grateful for the last 11 years to be able to chant and the story-Create the story of my life.

 It all starts with strong daimoku. When you are experiencing benefits and your life is glowing like a sun, you will naturally want to share your secret with other people. My family saw change in me, first my mother now 86 years, both my sons and my sister became my shakabuku. I was determined to introduce my close relatives from my father, mother and my in laws side in this philosophy soon my mother in law my aunt and her both grand children joined this beautiful practice as every time you share Nicherin Buddhism with others you are doing the work of the buddha, in helping others to attain happiness by realizing that they are buddhas too. I have so far introduced more than 150 friends an taken fully responsibility of nurturing them.

 But as the practice progresses the three obstacles an four devils will obstruct your practice. It was on 28th Dec my 84 year old aunt developed a severe stomach, her son admitted her to the nearby hospital. When things did not improve after 2 days, the doctors told that she be shifted to another hospital due to some gastro complication. On 30th evening we took her to the concerned hospital but there  after seeing her reports they refused to admit her as she has developed lot of complications like no BP and lot many other complications which the Doctors of the previous hospital did not inform and kept us in dark. Even our know Doctors showed their help nesses because of COVID scenario t. I kept on encouraging my cousin and his wife. I immediately took the decision to take her to t one of the best hospital of Jaipur . I was sitting in the ambulance holing her hand and kept on chanting and pouring daimoku in her life from brain to the toe. We reached the hospital’s emergency gate and asked for the Doctor their on duty and in the meantime my sister reminded me of one of the wd in another chapter happens to be working as leading Dr in this hospital. My sister and I tried her cell but finally we got through her. She emerged as a Buddha in our life .She helped my aunt to get her admitted in the hospital for which she was denied earlier. She was given utmost care in the transit unit.

 Next day, on 31st morning, the main doctor attending to her informed us that she is very sick and is on 100% support system and that her case at this age is very critical an complicated as there is stone stuck in her bile duct due to which her body organs stopped functioning and that immediate dialysis, enodoscopy, MRI has to be done but due her body not responding to the treatment this will not be carried out right away. I kept chanting with my Mentor in my heart and kept pouring daimoku .It was same day in the evening the doctors with a little hope informed that because they could see little improvement in her that they will shift her to the proper ICU for further treatment. I told the doctor, I trust you, I believe in you, you take actions I will pray and I am confident my aunt will definitely come back.

 Same night I happened to stay in the night in the hospital when the doctors informed us that due to the stone in the bile the PUS is spreading in all her body area and she is critical. Sitting on the chair in front of the ICU without having fear of that I being diabetic and should be more careful towards CORONA, “As we rouse even stronger faith, we can courageisously face the most treacherous path with resilience and optimism”(Bold advance,NHR-26,pg 373-374).I kept on encouraging the worried attended of the patients admitted in the ICU,thus explained them the law of cause and effect. “A person filled with gratitude is also filled with joy. And a joyous spirit is the driving force for new endeavors’, development, victory and happiness (Bold advance,NHR-26,pg 371).This was my time to repay my gratitude to my aunt for what a great role he played in my upbringing during my childhood days. I pledge to the Ghonzon with a determination, I will realize kosen rufu, therefore I will show magnificent actual proof and all the poison in my aunt’s body will turn into medicine. She will dedicate her life for this Mystic law.I chanted fighting daimoku and vow to dedicate all my good fortune I accumulated till now for her quick recovery.

Next day I could see the joy on the Doctors face when he informed that, her BP was back to normal without the machine, since she started urinating the possibility of dialysis was ruled out. Being, this doctor who again emerged as Buddha, very patiently that since her boy accepting the treatment, he has a team of Doctors to carry out EHRC operation today itself but he also inform the complications too that they will be taking a chance to take out the stone from bile (which has expanded two and a half times) with the help of wire, the chances of heavy blood loss, excessive pain in the pancreas, possibility of operation failure and she may be put on ventilator.

 I am happy to report the two hours operation carried out by the Doctors successfully without single complications and multiple stones in her gallbladder was also removed and she was shifted in the ward the same evening. She could even started recognizing everyone. After couple of days she, the mother of kosen rufu was joyfully discharged from the hospital.

 Today I determined to always be a man of action, courage and energy who will always stand up to dedicate my life for kosen rufu.




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