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WORK FROM HOME for Housewives and Freelancer Ladies


This article will be helpful to all freelance ladies who want to WORK FROM HOME. Especially for those ladies who are housewives or single mother or retired from their current job.

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1. Content Blogger : Blogging is best way to make money and earn.You can start writing blogs on the topic which you love and promote.You must be thinking by writing blog how can u make money.You can connect it to Adsense Account or with Any affiliate account.
2. Video Blogger :  Video Blogging is one of the best way to make money and earn. YOUTUBE is the best platform to make money online.You can make video on any topic you like and share it in youtube.Topic can be of anything.Many people in internet making huge money from youtube.

3. Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing may be new word for you but many people are earning millions from this.In Affiliate link company provides you with dedicated link through which they can calculate your commissions.So when visitor click the link any buy any product you earn money.This can be best passive income for you.

4. Animator : Another Passive income can be being Animator.If ur are artist and love to play with computers and software this can be best option to work from home.You can start create Visual effect for companies or television or movies or video games etc..... Make you account in UPWork or Freelancer and other sites to get work.

5. Cook From Food : Another Passive income is cooking food at home and selling.We all know life is Hetic and 50% people working people eat in restaurant which later cause 100 of health problems.So best way to sell them health food from home.All housewives cook for their family but now when they cook they will earn extra money.

6. Video-Editor : Video-Editing can be another Passive income for housewives or freelancers.U need to learn basic of editing start practicing and apply for jobs in Upwork or Freelancer.comU can edit Audio Video,Music Videos,Films and Many More....

7. Online Teacher : This is future Online Teacher and best another way to make passive income.Start teaching what you are good at.This save time and energy and you make money. 💰 Will follow you if you do this job nicely and skillfully.

8. Grant Writer : This is highly paid job by Universities, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations,They often need to apply for grant money. Since these applications can be difficult to write, these businesses often turn to talented grant writers. As a grant writer, you can make between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.

9. Graphic Designer : This is creative job. If you are artistic, creative then this job is excellent for you. In age of social media marketing people need Logo, Promotional Flyer and Banner design etc.You can earn at least 1000-2000$ from this.

10. Data Entry : This job can give you 10$ per hours.Their are thousand of websites which you can fine in google and starting making your first passive income.

Online is Future 
If you are not online 
You INCOME will remain offline

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